What’s the secret behind BonusTrade signals high win rates?

What’s the secret behind BonusTrade signals high win rates?

Take a look at BonusTrade signals. Download the app and just tap on Signals. You will see a leaderboard with some phenomenal win rates. How about 100% win rate with signals every 27 seconds? Win rates over 90% are not uncommon on the leaderboard. Are these win rates real? Can you get the same results? The short answer is Yes and Yes!

Are these win rates real?

Yes, these win rates are very real. They are also ephemeral and will change quickly. You should bear in mind that win rates are historic and are based on the outcome of signals in the last 5/10/15/30 minutes, depending on which leaderboard timeframe you look at.

Of course we all know that just because a signal has won in the past does not mean that it will win the next trade. When you apply a signal, you should be aware of the current performance of the signal. You can see this on the top left of the chart after you have applied the signal. If the signal win rate has dropped, it will be shown in red.

You should also keep an eye on what the chart looks like when trading a signal. Is it trending predictably? Is it doing crazy zigzags? If in doubt, you can just observe the signal without trading it. Don’t worry, there’s always plenty of fish in the sea!

What the high win rate often tells you is where the picking is good. If you apply your own trading street smarts to the signals as well, you will certainly get more out of trading signals.

I just followed a 100% win rate signal while I’m writing this and managed to score 3 wins out of 4 in 8 minutes, not too shabby!

BonusTrade app finance
3 wins from 4 signals

So what’s the secret behind the high win rates?

The secret behind the high win rates is really quite simple. Once you know, it will more than likely take away any remaining skepticism you may have.

You see, we have 20 trading algorithms applied to 23 assets practically 24/7. That’s 460 live signal streams that we are constantly monitoring generating upwards of close to a million signals a day! We rank these signal streams on a leaderboard based on win rate, signal volume and signal interval. So only the very best performing signal streams ever make it to the top of the leaderboard.

BonusTrade app Signals leaderboard

Now that the cat is out of the bag, it’s not such a stretch to be see win rates of 80% and higher dominating the leaderboard, is it?

Cherry picking the best of the best

Cherry picking the crème de la crème is the modus operandi for BonusTrade signals. Only the top signals make it to the leaderboard. Out of those, you do your own cherry picking! The result could drastically improve your win rate and more importantly, your account balance.

Caveats for trading signals

The signals are computer algorithms. While signals can be a no-brainer and easy to follow, applying your own sanity check and situation awareness can help you make the most of trading signals.

The leaderboard gives you win rate stats for past signals. There is no guarantee that you will get the same win rate when you trade the signal.

Ready to try BonusTrade signals?

Signals are available as a Premium upgrade for a small monthly subscription. You can try it for free for 24 hours after install and when your 24 hour free trial is up, sign up for a free 7-day free trial to try it out.

Download the BonusTrade app here or the BonusTrade Simulator app from Google Play. You get a demo account with $10,000 of virtual balance to play and practice with right off the bat, no sign up necessary!




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